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Have a look through the table (below) and see if there are any birds that appeal to you who have the word “Available” as their status (you may also use the search box to filter the table for the word “available”). That status means that we are currently seeking homes for these birds and would very much like to hear from you if you think you might be able to provide that home. Before you contact us though, please be sure to read our introduction and – most importantly – complete the application that is necessary before we will discuss going forward.

If you don’t see the bird of your dreams here be sure to check out the “Other Resources” section of the Introduction page. There you will find links to rescues and other resources throughout Washington State that might be able to help your perfect bird find and choose YOU!

PhotoNameSpeciesHatchedGenderStatusDate InDate Out
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
AfricaCongo African Grey Parrot2008 (E)FemaleSanctuary2018
At the vet with Babe (15 Nov 2018)
At the vet with Babe (15 Nov 2018)
BabeAmazon Parrot (Yellow Naped)1988 (E)Male (DNA)Adopted2018-11-102019-04
BabyUmbrella Cockatoo2006 (E)Adopted2013-07-262017
Sun ConureBogieSun Conure2017 (E)MaleAdopted20182018
Umbrella Cockatoo (source:  unknown)
Umbrella Cockatoo (source: unknown)
(Now called Romeo)
Umbrella CockatooMaleAdopted20172018-02-03
Sun ConureButtercupSun Conure2011-06-01FemaleSanctuary2018-01-11
LBPYE8731 150x150 - Rescue and Sanctuary BirdsC.J.Jenday Conure2010 (E)MaleAdopted20172017
DjiboutiIndian Ringneck2004 (E)MaleAdopted2014-01-17
Itty-BittyGreen Cheek Conure (Cinammon)2017-06-01Male (DNA)Adopted2018-03-012018-06-19
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
JamesCongo African Grey Parrot1999 (E)MaleSanctuary2019-07-17
JerryZebra Finch2012 (E)MaleAdopted2018-01-022018
Lutino Cockatiel (source:
Lutino Cockatiel (source:
KaileahCockatiel2008 (E)FemaleAvailable2015
Sun ConureKiwiSun Conure2008 (E)MaleRescue (Adoption Pending)2019-07-14
Cockatiel (source:
Cockatiel (source:
KonaCockatiel2008 (E)MaleAvailable2015
LucyGreen Wing Macaw1995 (E)MaleSanctuary2016
MangoMeyer's Parrot2009 (E)FemaleAdopted2016-01-202016
MauiBlue and Gold Macaw2000 (E)FemaleSanctuary2016
MickeyPatagonian Conure2000 (E)MaleAdopted20162016
PhoenixGreen Cheek Conure2008-06 (E)UNKAdopted2012-12-21
PipGreen Cheek Conure (Pineapple)MaleRescue (Adoption Pending)2019-07-14
At the vet with Sailor (15 Nov 2018)
At the vet with Sailor (15 Nov 2018)
SailorBlue and Gold Macaw1988 (E)Female (DNA)Adopted2018-11-102019-04
Sun ConureScampSun ConureMaleRescue (Adoption Pending)2019-07-14
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
SimbaCongo African Grey Parrot2008 (E)FemaleSanctuary2013
Cockatiel (source:
Cockatiel (source:
SqueakerCockatiel1997 (E)MaleAvailable2017
Budgerigar Parakeet (source: Parakeet (source:
Sunshine (Sunny)Parakeet2018FemaleAvailable2019-01-03
Cockatiel (source:
Cockatiel (source:
Sweet PeaCockatielUNK (E)FemaleAdopted20172017
TangoGreen Cheek Conure2017 (E)FemaleAdopted20182018
TikiParrotlet2017 (E)FemaleAdopted20172017
Torme'Amazon Parrot (Double-Yellow HeadMaleRescue2019-07-13
Xena and Todd (March 2016)
Xena and Todd (March 2016)
XenaGalah2007 (E)FemaleAdopted20122016
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
Congo African Grey Parrot (source:
ZaireCongo African Grey Parrot2008 (E)MaleSanctuary2013

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